North Shore

A 1987 film about Rick Kane (Matt Adler), a young fictional surfer from a wave tank in Arizona, who heads to surf the season on the North Shore of Oahu and see if he has the skills to cut it as a pro surfer.

After winning a surfing competition in Arizona, Rick uses his prize money to travel to Hawaii to take on the big waves of the North Shore in Hawaii.

Once there, he quickly realizes that surfing in the ocean is vastly different than the wave pools he's used to.

As he adapts to the local scene, he encounters various challenges, including dealing with local surfers who are territorial about their waves.

Rick befriends a local named Turtle, learns about the Hawaiian culture and the spirituality of surfing, and is taken under the wing of a master board shaper and his beautiful daughter.

Throughout the film, he learns important life lessons, faces challenges in and out of the water, and ultimately strives to earn respect in the surfing community.

As he progresses on his journey, he learns the qualities he possesses are not going to pull him through alone.

The film climaxes with a surf contest on Banzai Pipeline.

"North Shore" captures the essence of the 1980s surf culture and serves as a nostalgic look back for many surf enthusiasts.

The movie, while not critically acclaimed, has achieved cult status among surfers and those who appreciate surf culture.

Starring Gerry Lopez, Laird Hamilton, Mark Occhilupo, Corky Carroll, Shaun Tomson, Derek Ho, Mark Foo, Ken Bradshaw, Michael Ho, Christian J. Fletcher, and many others.