Riding Giants

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Riding Giants

"Riding Giants" is an incredible documentary detailing the history and stories of three influential big-wave surfers, Greg Noll, Jeff Clark, and Laird Hamilton.

Stacy Peralta did an amazing job taking on the role of director and should be congratulated for doing such a brilliant job. The structure of the film is edited brilliantly and works perfectly with the narration, interviews, animation and surfing footage.

The music soundtrack just adds to the overall satisfaction of watching this film, making "Riding Giants" brilliant viewing.

Personal highlights include any of Greg Noll's comments, what with his straight-to-the-point frankness, Laird Hamilton's footage at Teahupoo, and the out-takes at the end of the movie.

But really this entire film is one big, recommended highlight that comes highly recommended if you have the opportunity to see. It's a shame it isn't more well known, but it is a gem deserving of attention.

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