"Ruffo" is a feature-length documentary about 47-year-old professional surfing legend Anthony Ruffo, his struggles with methamphetamine addiction, and his ambitious efforts to lead his communities - both Santa Cruz and the professional surfing world - out of drug dependency and into a clearer and healthier future.

Anthony Ruffo was born and raised on the west side of Santa Cruz, CA.

He is regarded as one of the "Godfathers" of the infamous Westsiders surf brotherhood. This famous group of surfers put Santa Cruz on the surfing map.

Ruffo rose to surfing fame as the first champion of the Coldwater Classic in 1985 and still to this day continues to surf at a professional level.

With t success came partying, with partying came addiction, and with addiction came consequences.

Anthony is currently facing a potential five-year prison term for the alleged distribution of methamphetamine.

Anthony voluntarily checked himself into the Clear Mind Healthy Planet treatment center in New York on November 5th, 2010.

After completing his treatment and feeling a renewed sense of purpose, Anthony began to look for a way to give back to the community of Santa Cruz.

He partnered with the Clear Mind Healthy Planet team and created his own treatment concept: The Anthony Ruffo Project.

He introduced his concept to the city of Santa Cruz on December 10, 2010, with a week-long open house.

Over 40 people attended at least 4 hours a day for the entire week.

The end of Anthony's story is yet to be determined, but the hope is that "Ruffo" will serve as a cautionary tale about life choices and as one of the most effective anti-drug use documentaries ever made.