Storm Riders

Experience the excitement, the terror, the sheer force of the ocean as "Storm Riders" travel to five continents to discover the exotic jungles of Hawaii, Sumatra, Java, and Bali.

Brave the treacherous coastline of Africa and the blistering desert outback of the Great Australian Bight in the greatest ocean adventure ever filmed.

Featured surfers include Mark Richards, Wayne Lynch, Rabbit Bartholomew, Gerry Lopez, Simon Anderson, Shaun Tomson, Joe Engel, Thornton Fallander, Peter McCabe, and Tom Carroll.

Featuring the best music by The Doors, Men at Work, Split Enz, Mondo Rock, Australian Crawl, Mark Hunter, The Church, Matt Finish, Mi-Sex, Jimmy and the Boys, Sharon O'Neill, Moving Pictures, and more.

A 1982 film by David Lourie, Jack McCoy, and Dick Hoole.