Subway Surfers

December 1st marks the beginning of winter in New York City. For many people, it means taking out that down coat to beat the strong gusts between buildings and riding the subway to stay indoors. For others, it marks the first day of thick barreling waves at Rockaway.

The urban surfer looks forward all summer to those few months when the water is unbearably cold to touch, and the harsh winter winds blow the top layer of clay hard sand to the west.

The A train makes this dream possible for NYC surfers to get stoked. Surfing is not about skill level; it's about the feeling.

"Subway Surfers" is a story based on the lives of NYC surfers who have been bitten by the surfing bug.

This film will be based on a universal feeling instead of the general skill level in the water.

The avid city surfer belongs to a community of surfers who all have the same feelings and thoughts.

In my documentary, I will bring the viewer into a world of overcast skies and thick brown barrels in a deserted white snow beach called Rockaway.

The only people who can save you are just like you, also waiting for that outside set to come rolling in.