The Yin And Yang Of Gerry Lopez

"The Yin & Yang Of Gerry Lopez" is a film by Patagonia that reveals the secret side of one of surfing's most enigmatic icons.

In 100 minutes, the documentary by award-winning documentary filmmaker and skateboarder Stacy Peralta unveils how the legendary Pipe Master became a global surf star.

Even though Gerry is most known for his cool demeanor in the tube and nicknamed "Mr. Pipeline," he actually made a name for himself as an aggressive surfer who left a path of blood and tears in the water.

Gerry defies classification; he is as radical as Zen.

Lopez is an apex predator, one of the greatest surfers and surfboard shapers of all time, a businessman, a husband and father, a famous actor, and a lifelong yogi who expanded the boundaries of wave-riding.

His impact on contemporary surfing is immeasurable, and now his complete tale is being revealed.