Tom's Creation Plantation

From "Tom's Creation Plantation" by Cyrus Sutton comes a look into the creative world of Tom Wegener who changed the entire surfing culture by introducing the ancient alaia style surfboard into modern times.

We live in a world where over 90 percent of surfers compete for waves on less than one percent of the world's coastlines.

To escape overcrowding and localism, most surfers travel to far-off destinations searching for empty "perfect waves."

But what is a perfect wave? Before the shortboard, it was a soft point break; now, it's perfect tubes with air sections.

The fact is, a perfect wave is relative to the surf craft on which it is ridden. There are perfect waves all around us; it's just a matter of opening our minds.

Steeped in Hawaiian tradition, the Alia'a represents the pure essence of board surfing, allowing for faster gliding than modern equipment and tons of fun.

The film also provides an insight into the life of a craftsman Tom's devotion to surfing and the art of making surfboards.

With its innovative half surf film/ half shaping tutorial format, this film gives you the working knowledge and stoke to create your own ancient finless surfboard.

Shot on location in Australia, California, and Hawaii and featuring Tom and Jon Wegener, Richard Kenvin, Ryan Burch, Cyrus Sutton, Jacob Stuth, Harrison Biden, and Zye Norris.