Wanning: the capital of surfing in China | Photo: Swatch/Damien Poullenot

China, formally The People's Republic of China, is an East Asian nation. It is the most populated country in the world, with more than 1.35 billion inhabitants, and one of the most ancient civilizations in the world.

The country of the Great Wall has a total land area of 9.6 million square kilometers.

It is bordered by 14 countries, namely Russia to the northeast, India, and Pakistan to the south, Vietnam to the southeast, and Afghanistan to the west.

The coastline is 14,500 kilometers long. China faces the Pacific Ocean, and it is bathed by the Bohai, Yellow, South Asian, and East Asian seas.

China's climate varies according to its extensive size and complex geography, but it is prevailingly continental, with cold, dry winters and moist, hot summers.

The average temperatures in the capital, Beijing, vary between -3.7 °C in January and 26.2 °C in July.

The rainy season occurs between May and September due to the southeast and southwest monsoons. Rain falls with more intensity in the southeast regions.

The southeast coast is also usually exposed to typhoons between July and September.

Surfing has been growing steadily in China in the 21st century.

The first professional surfing events may be new, but the quality of the waves has been in the country ever since.

Hainan Island is undoubtedly the capital of surfing in China. Today, Wanning attracts hundreds of surf tourists every week.

The howling offshore winds, the Pacific swells, and the sandy beaches do the rest.

On the east coast of Hainan Island, look for several surf opportunities between Ganzhe Dao and Xincun Gang.

In this strip, there are great surf spots for the winter season: Shimei Bay, the famous Riyue Bay, Ho-Hai Beach, and "Matos."

During the summer season, China's best waves are located in the south of Hainan Island.

The surf spots of Sanya Bay, Dadonghai Bay, Yalong Bay, and "One Man Left" could easily be surfed near Sanya.

The Qiantang tidal bore is famous yet dangerous.

If you want to surf down the river from Hangzhou Bay, almost 30 miles past the city of Hangzhou, you need permission from the local authorities.

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