Jamaica Surf Spots

Boston Bay: the home of Jamaican surfing | Photo: BeauScottFoto.wordpress.com

One of the most famous vacation destinations in the world, both due to its rich culture and natural resources, Jamaica is an island country located in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and west of Hispaniola.

It is the fifth largest country in the Caribbean, with a total area of 10 829 km2.

The coastline of Jamaica is 1022 kilometers long, featuring narrow coastal plains and broad flatlands that contrast with the dominant inland mountains.

The island is under the influence of a tropical maritime climate. Temperatures tend to be constantly warm all year round, ranging between 26°C and 30°C in the coastal areas and 15°C to 22°C in higher regions.

The rainy season goes from May to November, with much more abundant rainfall in the north coast and in the months of May and October. However, rain can occur at any time of the year, usually in short heavy showers.

Jamaica has prevailing north-east winds and is exposed to occasional storms, due to its position inside the Atlantic Hurricane Belt.

The best surf spots in Jamaica are located around the eastern tip of the island, near Kingston, the country's capital. Summer and Winter are the best seasons for surfing here.

Lighthouse, Zoo, Copa, Makka and Ranch will entertain you in the south coast, when favorable SE groundswells hit the coast.

In the north, the best spot is definitely Boston Bay. There are not many surfers in Jamaica, so you'll probably get waves just for you.

Discover the Jamaica Surfing Association website.

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