Rincon: the ultimate wave arena in Puerto Rico | Photo: Rincon Vacations

The tropical island of Puerto Rico enjoys a warm climate with average temperatures of around 82 °F (27 °C) throughout the year.

From November to May, you'll be experiencing the dry season, while between June and October, it's time for the hurricane season.

Because of Puerto Rico's tropical weather, showers can happen anytime.

Surf spots are everywhere, and surfers seem to be discovering the incredible waves of Puerto Rico.

This Latin country offers rides for everyone. Beginners and intermediate to experienced surfers can hit the water every month.

The beautiful beaches of the Caribbean add an extra surfing life feeling.

If you're exclusively surf traveling, make sure you're heading to the north, northwest, or west of Puerto Rico, where surf breaks are more consistent.

Hollows, Gas Chambers, Pressure Point, Jobos, Aviones, Tres Palmas, Middles, Chatarra, Sandy Beach, and Rincon will certainly guide you through remarkable wave rides.

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