Mundaka: firing and endless left-handers

Spain enjoys an Oceanic and Mediterranean climate with extreme temperatures in the interior and moderate temperatures by the seaside.

The Atlantic Ocean, in the north, and the Mediterranean Sea, in the south, clearly influence the type and consistency of the swell in Spain.

The Iberian country offers some of the best waves in Europe and the world. Several top-class surfing events are held in the land of bulls and tapas.

The Basque country region features all types of reefs, but Galicia can deliver the power of the Atlantic swell.

In between, Cantabria and Asturias have a large number of quality surf spots and big wave peaks.

Although it is possible to surf nice waves in Andalucia, good quality rides aren't seen every day in the region.

For example, surfing in Barcelona can be a reality. Try Barceloneta Beach, one of the most famous beaches in the capital of Catalunya.

Zarautz, Mundaka, Sopelana, Meñakoz, La Arena, La Galea and La Triangular are the best surf spots in the Basque Country.

If you're in the Cantabria region, head for La Fortaleza, Laredo, Berria, El Brusco, Santa Marina, Oyambre and Meron.

In the beautiful Asturias region, try Rodiles, Playa España, El Mongol, Verdicio, Xago, Salinas and Frejulfe.

The Galicia region, in the West Coast, has incredible surf spots - Pantín, Valdoviño, Doniños, Sabón, Vigo and Patos can be surfed uncrowded during the week.

In the south, Andalucia can still pump great rides.

Los Caños, El Palmar, Santa Maria del Mar, and Playa de Los Lances are the best options.

If you're a windsurfer or kitesurfer, make sure to visit Tarifa and Cadiz, two of the best wind spots in Europe.

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