Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2014: cold water and great waves | Photo: Viktor Davare

Pete Devries and Jenna Balester have won the Rip Curl Tofino 2014, at Cox Bay. They are the Canadian surfing champions.

The competition was fierce with action-packed surf on four-to-five foot waves below sunny skies and light winds.

The feeling is not new for Devries. Pete surfed through four extremely competitive heats, narrowly edging out Sepp Bruhwiler for the second year in a row, to finish with a well-deserved win.

"The conditions were really challenging actually. The waves were fun but with the wind swell it was really hard to position yourself in the right spot. I felt like I was surfing well, but I just didn't feel like I got the opportunities on a lot of the waves," tells Devries.

More than one thousand spectators watched Canada's best surfing athletes - ranging in ages from 6 to 56 - showcasing their talents in the country's surfing capital, Tofino.

In Women's division, Jenna Balester was crowned the 2014 Canada surfing champion. Raph Bruhwiler took the Masters title, and Robbie Ferguson kept the Longboard trophy.

Rip Curl Pro Tofino 2014 Results:

Mens Pro
1. Pete Devries
2. Sepp Bruhwiler
3. Raph Bruhwiler
4. Shannon Brown

Women's Pro
1. Jenna Balester
2. Cath Bruhwiler
3. Hanna Scott
4. Sara Taylor

Men's Longboard
1. Robbie Ferguson
2. Reid Jackson
3. Heath Thompson
4. Ollie Atkey

Women's Longboard
1. Sherrie Houghton
2. Hanna Scott
3. Leah Oke
4. Emily Ballard

1. Raph Bruhwiler
2. Ben Murphy
3. Jens Kalwa
4. Greg Urata
5. Jeremy Bowery
6. Doug Ludwig

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