Cunningham, O'Brien and Costes: the 2015 Pipeline Warriors

Jamie O'Brien, Pierre-Louis Costes and Mark Cunningham have conquered the Pipeline Warriors 2015, at the Banzai Pipeline, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Da Hui and the Waterman League invited some of the best Pipeline wave specialists to compete in the inaugural edition of this surfing, bodyboarding and bodysurfing event, which included Perfect-10 performances.

The surfing final had a notorious cast of tube riders. When you witness Jamie O'Brien, Mason Ho and Bruce Irons fighting for a title in the same heat, life seems an extraordinary experience.

"Stoked to win the first ever Pipeline Warriors event!" expressed O'Brien. Meanwhile, the winner of the first ever Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic, Mark Cunningham, stole the show in his category, a few 35 years later.

In the bodyboarding division, the French backflip master Pierre-Louis Costes managed to overcome Jeff Hubbard, Alan Laphere, Kahekili Labatte, Jacob Vanderbelde, and Alex Kinimaka in the final.

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