The Winter Surf: a pleasant moment in South Korea

Snow has never been a problem for avid surfers. Discover how South Korean wave addicts tackle winter challenges and cold water liquids.

Never mind the tetrapod blocks, the waves are pumping. During winter, South Korea offers a share of paradise. Uncrowded surf spots, glassy wave faces and crispy barrels.

Whether you got to jump from the rocks or paddle out for 100 meters, you'll find perfection along the 1,499 miles (2,413 kilometers) of South Korean coastline.

Donggi Kim and Seong Eun Kim filmed and produced "The Winter Surf" to showcase the endless opportunities for surfing in Korea.

The surfers in the movie include Brendon Smith, Sujeong Im, Dan Mitch, Donggi Kim, Ian McCosh, Sungyong Ko, Sang Jin Lee, and Son Young Ik.

Call it a lip drop, airdrop or the world's biggest floater. One thing is certain: Kai Lenny opened a new chapter in high-performance big wave riding.

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