Laurie Towner: getting barreled at Cape Fear | Photo: Morris/Red Bull

Sixteen slab surfing specialists will compete at the 2016 Red Bull Cape Fear, at Sydney's Botany Bay.

At the spot also known as Ours, all variables are against surfers. The place is cold, sharky, shallow, rocky, and truly dangerous. Fortunately, an elite group of surfers is willing to give it a go, no matter how big it is.

And that is why the Red Bull Cape Fear returns. Mark Mathews, Ryan Hipwood, Makua Rothman, Albee Layer, and friends will wait for the best window of opportunity between April 15th and August 31st to ride for glory in a unique contest format.

"Everything is ready to go. Now it's all up to Mother Nature to do her thing. I'll be glued to the weather forecast with my fingers crossed for the next few months!" explains Mathews, who is also the event's contest director.

As always, the venue will be closed to surf fans and spectators, but it will be broadcast live online. The Red Bull Cape Fear combines paddle and tow-in surfing to maximize the spot's conditions.

2016 Red Bull Cape Fear | Invitees

Mark Mathews
Ryan Hipwood
Russell Bierke
Makua Rothman
Laurie Towner
Kirk Flintoff
Jesse Polock
Evan Faulks
Dean Morrison
Albee Layer

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