Jorgann Couzinet: a night surfing master | Photo: Justes/WSL

Surfing at night can be an exciting experience. Just ask Jorgann Couzinet, winner of the Anglet Surf de Nuit 2016, held in two-to-three-foot surf at Chambre d'Amour, near Anglet, France.

Night surfing has a bright future ahead. The format has evolved and, today, LED technology helps judges analyze the surfer's maneuvers in absolute darkness.

The French event attracted hundreds of spectators. They watched the local talents perform in the small surf, and under an unusual summer rain. If you wanted to follow your favorite surfer, you just needed to track his board's colored LED light.

In the end, Couzinet landed a pompous tail-high forehand rotation to clinch the title. The surfer from Reunion Island will continue his Qualifying Series marathon in the upcoming Pro Anglet.

"It was tough at first to get used to the board, but once I got a hang of it, it was fun! I couldn't believe people stuck around with the rain and thunder - the crowd was going off!" expressed Jorgann Couzinet

"Surfing in the dark is definitely extraordinary, even with all the balloons and LEDs on the board you never quite see as well as during the day. I've repeatedly worked to land those maneuvers, so it's become kind of automatic now."

Anglet Surf de Nuit 2016 | Results

1. Jorgann Couzinet
2. Leo Paul Etienne
3. David Leboulch
4. Roland Lefeuvre
5. Vincent Duvignac
6. Thomas La Fonta

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