Ross-Clarke Jones: his wax has teleporting powers | Photo: Red Bull

In 1987, big wave legend Ross Clarke-Jones invented a magical wax with teleporting powers. Today, just one batch remains.

Time to bust out the Day-Glo and "Go Mad." That's the energy behind Red Bull's newest project, a throwback short featuring magic surf wax with teleportation powers. Yup, seriously.

In "Go Mad," we pay tribute to Ross Clarke-Jones' 1987 cult classic surf film, "Mad Wax" - quirk personified. Think "The Endless Summer" meets "Weird Science."

Celebrating the film's 30-year anniversary, we sent Kanoa Igarashi, Caroline Marks and Leo Fioravanti to Hawaii's North Shore to come face to face with the wildest thing in surfing - Ross Clarke-Jones in a full body wetsuit on the beach at Pipeline, fresh off a session at pumping Nazaré.

But how could someone get out of the water in Portugal and end up on the hot Hawaiian sands in an instant, you ask? Only the wax has the answer!

Three decades after starring in the original, the now 51-year-old veteran Clarke-Jones reprises his role with a twist - this time as a mentor, passing on the wax to a new generation in hope of inspiring today's surfers to re-discover the fun that made them want to surf in the first place.

To top things off, Australian rock legends GANGgajang, who scored "Mad Wax" in 1987 have returned again.

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