John John Florence: the Pipeline wonder boy

John John Florence has conquered the 2011 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, held in Hawaii. The Pipeline surfer boy took the finest 12-20 foot barrels and secured a $40,000 prize money.

The outstanding surf conditions were suitable for the quality of the competitors. Florence was clearly better than Kalani Chapman and the remaining and Pipeline pros such as Makua Rothman, Mark Healey and Fred Pattachia.

John John pulled a double-overhead backdoor barrel and impressed the judges. "I saw that right coming and I was so stoked. I almost fell on the drop just thinking about it. There weren't too many rights coming that day so that one just came to me and I got lucky", said John John Florence after claiming the title.

In the teams challenge, Vans team took the first place and so did John John, Kalani Chapman, Nathan Fletcher and Sion Milosky.

Final Results:

1st John Florence
2nd Kalani Chapman
3rd Makua Rothman
4th Mark Healey
5th Fred Pattachia

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