58 Surf Ericeira: 1,000 square meters of surf gear | Photo: 58 Surf

58 Surf partnered with Billabong to open its flagship store in Ericeira, Portugal.

With a total area of around 1,000 square meters, each corner of 58 Surf Ericeira is inspired by nature and its elements.

The brand-new flagship store uses environmentally friendly materials such as cork and wood and features solar panels that capture sunlight and convert it into energy.

When it comes to what you can find in this store, there are over 500 surfboards by leading brands, such as Al Merrick, Pukas, LOST, JS Industries, HaydenShapes, MAR Surfboards, and others.

There are also wetsuits by Billabong, Xcel, O'Neill, and Rip Curl, as well as a wide variety of technical gear by brands such as FCS, Dakine, Creatures of Leisure, Future Fins, and others.

As for apparel, what stands out is the 250-square-meter area of Billabong items, a corner for Element, another for RVCA, and a wide area where one can find most of the Portuguese surfwear brands.

The giant surf shop also has a shaping room available for some of the best shapers in the world to develop their latest designs.

There's also a Nixon Custom Bar, where one can customize watches.

The customer can choose their favorite mechanism, case, colors, bracelet, and personalized message that can even be engraved on the back of the case.

58 Surf Ericeira: the surf shop features a relaxed environment with good music and healthy food | Photo: 58 Surf

A Unique Customer Experience

Because sustainability has always been a priority for the store, there's 58 Upcycling, a service provided by Mr. Stitch that encourages the transformation of used materials that are still in good condition.

Proficient and beginner surfers can also rent boards and wetsuits - be it individual rentals or large quantities for surf schools and hospitality.

58 Surf Ericeira invites everyone to gather in a pleasant space to enjoy a relaxed environment with good music and healthy food.

As this store is located near the sea, good beer is mandatory.

And thus comes Tails - Surf Craft Beer, a homemade craft beer inspired by the art of surfing and the trail that boards leave on the waves.

There are six different flavors, each with unique characteristics and specificities, just like the tail of a surfboard.

The new 58 Surf flagship store is the result of a partnership between Despomar, the retail and distribution company that has represented Billabong in Portugal for 32 years, and Boardriders, the entity that owns Quiksilver and Billabong.

Under the motto "We Surf Every Day," 58 Surf Ericeira hopes to become a one-of-a-kind store, ready to make history in the Portuguese and European surf scene, hand in hand with Billabong.

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