Tanner Hendrickson: biggest ASP victory of his career

Tanner Hendrickson has taken the Quiksilver Surf Open Acapulco, in challenging six foot (2 metre) waves at Playa Revolcadero over Leigh Sedley.

Hendrickson, 28, won by a score of 12.03 to 5.04 to secure his first major ASP victory.

"This is the best feeling in the world right now, I can’t even believe this," Hendrickson said. "That was exhausting. It’s one thing to keep duck diving, but when the weather gets this hot you get so warn down and tired. It’s pretty crazy and I’m so happy right now I don’t know what to say."

Sedley quietly advanced through the opening rounds of competition with ideal wave selection and earned the highest single-wave score on the final day of an 8-point ride, but the Australian was unable to find an open faced wave in the Final and finished runner up overall.

"In the end I’m just glad it’s over right now because I’m so tired," Sedley said. "In the final it kind of pulsed a little bit and we got caught in a rip in the first half and Tanner was just lucky to be Johnny on the spot, but congrats to him on the win. He surfed well the whole event".

"I wish I had a better chance, but I’m happy. I haven’t been completing much lately, so I didn’t expect to make the final."

Quiksilver Surf Open Acapulco Final:
1 – Tanner Hendrickson (HAW) 12.33
2 – Leigh Sedley (AUS) 5.54

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