Caio Ibelli: vertical snap off the top

Caio Ibelli has defeated Mitch Crews to claim the 2013 Hainan Classic, in China.

Small waves are good to pick the best surfers of any competition. Ibelli was able to choose the right waves that gave him the win, with an 8.33 on his opening ride and a long left scored at 9.17 points to close the final.

"This contest has been pretty good. The waves were amazing and I had so much fun surfing the heats. There's no better way to start the year than by winning. This is my first event of the year and I feel awesome", says Caio Ibelli.

Mitch Crews had a good run during the contest in China, but came up short, struggling to find quality waves during the Final.

"I started catching the first wave and it just ran off a bit quick. Caio got the one behind it, and it stood up real nice on the reef allowing him to get a few turns, But I'm happy with my performance and on to the next contest", added Crews.

In 2005, Pepsi defied the surfing community by releasing a commercial in which famous soccer stars break the surfers-only beach rule implemented by a group of local wave riders.

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