Chris Bertish: Mavericks winner

"Ocean Driven" tells the life story of Chris Bertish, who won the Mavericks Big Wave Invitational after nearly drowning.

The films features authentic footage of the growth, struggles and unique environments that shaped this nearly supernatural ocean pioneer.

The South African rider proves what it takes to become a fearless and highly skilled waterman. "Ocean Driven" tells us why his country breeds exceptional big wave surfers, and take an authentic big wave odyssey around the globe, from South Africa and Morocco to Hawaii, Easter Island, Fiji and more.

"There's more to Chris in this story than just his burning desire to take on some of the biggest challenges in surfing and the world. Whatever his endeavor, he does not put himself at the center of it. He doesn't see himself as giant killer, but just an ordinary guy", says Anton Louw, from Zigzag Surfing Magazine.

The film has been in production for a full year, weaving together 30 years of archived footage, more than 40 interviews and an all-star cast.

"There hasn't been a more popular contest winner - anywhere - than Bertish, at Mavericks, in 2010. The set waves were huge: 50-60 feet on the face, the largest ever for a paddle-in surf contest", adds Bruce Jenkins.

"Ocean Driven" is a surf documentary seeking support through crowdfunding.

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