A 60-day surfing adventure in a camper van

August 28, 2013 | Surfing
Compassing: 60 days living in a van

"Compassing" is the Cyrus Sutton's latest adventure in the surf movie industry.

Sutton has customized his van for experiencing life on the road. Through cutting, sanding, welding, and staining, he's transformed his old van into a unique camper that's been helping him traverse the Western side of North America to seek out good waves and good people.

"Compassing" is the tale of modern gypsies. Known for melding laid-back aesthetics with humorous and insightful storytelling in efforts like "Riding Waves" and "Stoked and Broke", Cyrus Sutton returns with a film about finding freedom.

The 60-day adventure features Kepa Acero and legendary surfers Rob Machado, and Nick Rozsa.

"I was trying to find a way to get down to Mexico for a good chunk of time and surf my brains out. So when Reef approached me about making a film about the trip I jumped all over it!", says Sutton.

  • It's 45 °F, and I am at 45 degrees North, 70 miles east of the coast.
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