Surfing: a sport that brings great benefits to society | Photo: Evans/ISA

The International Surfing Association (ISA) has changed its official motto.

The world governing body for the sport of surfing announced a subtle, yet relevant change in its maxim.

The old "For a Better Surfing Future" was replaced by "A Better World Through Surfing."

"I had the idea for this new motto last year. It is supposed to express surfing's soul and the journey our sport has been on for many years," explains Fernando Aguerre, president of ISA.

"Surfing's influence, positive coolness, and explosive global development inspired us to make the world a better a better place for everyone."

Aligned With the Olympic Values

The communicational "revolution" also considered the inclusion of the sport in the Olympic movement.

But Aguerre also thought of aligning surfing's motto with the campaign "Together We Can Change the World" led by the International Olympic Committee.

"The universality of surfing can bring great benefits to society by addressing key issues such as gender equality, sustainable ways of living, better ocean safety, and global environmental threats to the world's oceans," concludes Aguerre.

People will now begin to see "A Better World Through Surfing" being rolled out across all ISA marketing and communications, as surfing prepares its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020.

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