Netherlands: this is what surfing looks like in Scheveningen

Can you imagine how it looks like to surf in the Netherlands? The waves might be green, but when it's pumping, you just want to join the local crew.

When it comes to water sports, the Netherlands is usually known for its hardcore windsurfing community. The North Sea nation gets plenty of southwest breeze and bumpy wind swells.

Dutch surfers don't usually seek perfection. Otherwise, they would never get their boards in the water. Onshore surfing days are part of the experience, and glassy waves are a rarity.

Surfing in the Netherlands started in the mid-1960s when a small group of local ocean enthusiasts tested the first imported surfboards in coastal areas around Noordwijk and Scheveningen.

But the Dutch surfing scene only exploded in the 1990s. Nowadays, with classic wind and swell conditions, you can easily find ultra-crowded lineups in a couple of spots near Rotterdam and Middelburg.

And because when it happens, it's fun and perfect, Tim Padmos grabbed his camera and captured the likes of Yannick de Jager, Dominga Valdes, Kaspar Hamminga, and Robin Kersbergen doing what they love most.

Believe it or not, the Netherlands has great surfers, and the "Hollandsch" film series will open your mind to surfing in the cold North Sea countries.

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