Al Mennie: we say he will do it

The 120-foot wave will be surfed in Ireland. Alastair Mennie, a renowned Irish big wave surfer, believes that there are two surf spots off Ireland capable of delivering record-high surfable waves.

Al Mennie wants to surf the biggest waves seen on Planet Earth if the wind and swell conditions meet in perfect harmony. The Irishman is only waiting for the right moment.

"This is my mission. The good days are few and far between - 90 percent of the swells are unrideable, and we'd reckon that only two days each year are rideable," Al Mennie told the Irish Examiner.

"We've been out and ridden them. They weren't enormous, but we are waiting for the right conditions".

Although he will not reveal the exact location of the golden surf spot, the big wave surfer says the two peaks are off the west coast of Donegal and off Co Antrim.

Al Mennie is hunting down the world record for the biggest wave ever surfed and has been carefully studying the spots. In extreme surfing conditions, a small error might cost a life.

"We have to understand how the whole place works for safety - what happens if something goes wrong, access, getting to the hospital. A number of these waves that we have around the country could be the biggest in the world. There's no doubt about that at all, 100%. It depends on the storms coming across the Atlantic", adds Mennie.

The Irish big wave surfer already has a few grand experiences in his career book. Mavericks, Aileen's, Hawaii, and Nazaré are big wave surf spots where Al has already tasted the power of Nature.

"When we hear about a hurricane, we start rubbing our hands. They are causing devastation in the Caribbean, and it's terrible, but that is what we are looking for".

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