Albee Layer: a double Alley Oop for history

Albee Layer has successfully completed the first double Alley Oop in the history of surfing.

Broken joints, broken boards, broken fins. Trying to get airborne can cost you money and injuries, and it is not as easy as in skateboarding.

The first surfer to go for the 720 aerial attempt in surfing was Julian Wilson. The Australian had been training hard to pull the double Alley Oop, but his opponents were trying it hard, too.

After dominating the entire aerial arsenal, Albee Layer decided he really wanted to be part of history. While it may not be a full 720 aerial, it is definitely a 540 "Albey Oop."

But Albee Layer wants more, and he will go for the 720 aerial. Watch how he completed the double Alley Oop in the following video.

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