Alpine SurfSafe: a comfortable and effective protection against surfer's ear | Photo: Alpine

It's never too late to avoid surfer's ear. The new Alpine SurfSafe universal ear plugs are made in the Netherlands and will protect you against exostosis.

Surfer's ear is becoming a global threat to the wave riding community, especially those living and surfing in cold environments. The strange condition kicks in at full power after 30 years of age, and may very well require surgery. That's why the only option is wearing surf ear plugs.

Unlike other models available in the market, Alpine's SurfSafe ear plugs do not feature support wings that fit in the external cavity or both ears.

They rely on the soft, flexible and moldable silicone-free material to penetrate, isolate and defend your ears from the catastrophic effects caused by cold wind and water.

And they work pretty well. The Dutch company developed SurfSafe in cooperation with pro windsurfer Joris van Essen.

"Being able to hear well in the water is extremely important. If you see the perfect wave but your ear is blocked by a drop of water or ear plugs that seal off the ears, it's often difficult to maintain your balance," notes Essen.

"The great thing about the SurfSafe earplugs is that I can keep them in throughout the whole session, hear all the sounds around you as normal, and keep balance, without any problems or irritation."

Alpine SurfSafe: the flexible ear plugs adapt to all ears | Photo: Alpine

Alpine SurfSafe earplugs are fitted with innovative mesh filters featuring minuscule holes. These filters keep out the water and wind while allowing air and sound to pass through.

This means that you can still hear your environment effectively, and don't have that unpleasant "closed off" feeling. It also means that the balance organ in your ear isn't affected, making it easier to keep your balance on the water.

Alpine SurfSafe earplugs are made from a soft and flexible material, which shapes itself to the ear canal. This provides optimum protection, maximum comfort, and an ideal fit for almost anyone.

As earplugs can be easily lost, these earplugs are supplied as standard with a robust elastic neck cord. Every set of earplugs also comes with a handy neoprene storage pouch with carabiner hook, plus a cleaning spray. 

Remember to rinse thoroughly and dry off after use, and don't place the ear plug too far into the ear. An improper fit, incorrect use or failure to follow the user instructions reduces effectiveness and affects the lifespan of the reusable kit.

Don't underestimate surfer's ear. Discover the best surf ear plugs in the market and read a first-person account of a surfer's ear surgery experience.

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