Anglet: a surfing paradise in France | Photo: Balloide/Anglet Tourisme

Anglet is a synonym for surfing. In less than five kilometers, you will find some of France's best surf spots, not to mention the delicious French patisserie that you'll come across along the iconic Boulevard des Plages.

Chambre d'Amour and La Barre are separated by a mere 4.5 kilometers.

Welcome to Anglet, a surfing paradise where you almost don't need a car to ride all the wave peaks. A bike is enough, and there are plenty of joyful options.

Officially, you will find 11 surf spots in Anglet.

They all have names and specific characteristics for all tastes and experience levels: long left-handers, classic beach breaks, tube riding challenges, mushy rides, and beginner arenas.

Océan, Anglet: A-frame beach breaks | Photo: TuVeMaFoTo/Anglet Tourisme

Anglet has a long tradition in both shortboards and longboards.

Some of Europe's finest surfing talents have learned to surf and have developed their inner skills in these waves.

Most beaches lead to park areas, so you can actually surf with your friends and picnic with the family in the adjacent green spaces.

Anglet marks the end of the Landes' sandy beaches and the beginning of the Atlantic Pyrenees' rocky coast.

With the guiding help of the Anglet Tourism Office, the Angle surf spots are as follows:

Chambre D'Amour

Chambre d'Amour, Anglet: beautiful and popular | Photo: TuVeMaFoTo/Anglet Tourisme

It sits right beside Cape Saint-Martin, below the famous Biarritz lighthouse.

The spot is protected by the massive cliff from southerly winds, making it a smaller and cleaner alternative than the northern beaches of Anglet.

Watch for the rocks at the north edge of the beach.


The Anglet Surf Club, the most important surf club in France, is headquartered at this beach.

It works on all tides.

Sables d'Or

This is a busy and often crowded surf spot.

It works best at low tide, as high tide covers the entire beach and creates a substantial backwash.


It is considered a beginner and intermediate surf spot, and it is often crowded.

The proximity of the Youth Hostel makes it a meeting point for visiting surfers.


Corsaires is, much like its neighbor Marinella, protected by long rocky groins.

These ocean obstacles work randomly to create multiple sandbanks and good waves.

Madrague and Petite Madrague

The Petite Madrague offers several good sandbanks.

It is a classy and trendy beach that also attracts a broad range of surfers.

Océan and Dunes

Dunes, Anglet: step into the grass | Photo: TuVeMaFoTo/Anglet Tourisme

The Océan and the Dunes share the same beach break.

It is quite common to park a car in one of the beach parking areas and end up riding the waves on the other beach.

Its tubular waves are less attractive than its popular neighbor, Les Cavaliers.

Les Cavaliers

Les Cavaliers is Anglet's best-known surf spot. Its world-class barrels attract surfers from all corners of the world.

A consistent wave for intermediate and advanced surfers.

La Barre

A historic spot in the history of surfing in France.

Today, and after the construction of the breakwaters, the wave is not as perfect as it once was, but it is still worth a visit, especially when strong swells hit Anglet.

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