Log Rap: blending hip hop and the log surfing culture

There is a reason why someone decides to mix rap music with classic longboarding.

Ryan Cannon is a filmmaker from New York who moved to California and immediately fell in love with its vibrant surf culture.

But Cannon missed the urban cultural elements that define the Empire State. So, he launched "Log Rap," a YouTube and social media movement that marries both worlds.

The short surf video clips released over the past year gained traction, and the videographer decided to step up the game.

"Log Rap" is now also a short movie about the intersection between 1990s hip-hop and single-fin logging of the 21st century with extra VHS frame insertions and retro graphics.

Rapping and Cross Stepping

As one of the elements of hip-hop culture, rap is a musical genre that uses rhythmic speech, rhyme, and the sound of the streets to deliver a message over a beat.

"Log Rap" invites us to create a virtual bridge between a suburban and dark world and a blue, smooth, and relaxing outdoor activity.

The collision between these opposite concepts - rapping and cross stepping - is what makes the short film so interesting and captivating.

Ryan Cannon has just added an extra layer to surf culture's endless creative world. All he needs is 22 minutes of your attention.

"Log Rap" features Kai Takayama, Kaniela Stewart, Blake Michaels, Alek Rockrise, Tommy Witt, and more passionate loggers.

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