Australian surfer dies at Scar Reef

August 14, 2014 | Surfing
Scar Reef: dangerous coral below | Photo:

An Australian surfer has died after hitting a reef in Bali, Indonesia.

Peter Luke, 27, was riding big waves at Scar Reef, when the tragic accident took place. Reports tell that the young surfer was catching five-meter waves (16 feet) at Jelenga Beach in West Sumbawa.

Luke was enjoying the surf with two friends, when he hit the reef. They noticed he was missing and used a boat to locate him.

The local authorities say "the victim's death was caused by a wave smashing into him, which at that time was massive, up to five metres high."

Scar Reef is a relatively remote surf spot. In 2008, the Rip Curl Scar Reef Pro was the first ever pro surfing competition in the region.

Scar Reef is a fast left-hand barreling wave with coral heads in the ocean's floor. It can only be accessed by boat and usually works on high tide.

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