Axier Muniain scores big wave surfing day in Spain

December 30, 2011 | Surfing
Axier Muniain: the go for it attitude | Photo: Greg Rabejac

Big wave surfer Axier Muniain has an incredible surf session in the Basque Country, Spain. Muniain and other experienced European chargers took the correct alignment of swell and winds to surf eight-meter waves in Igueldo, in the North of Spain.

The Spanish pro surfer was towed-in by a couple of jet skis and the wave rides were quite long.

The storm that has been hitting Europe allowed for great big wave surfing sessions in the Old Continent, particularly in Ireland, Portugal, France, Wales and Spain. There were solid XXL waves hitting the Iberian Peninsula and local riders scored incredible walls of water.

Axier Muniain had a full surfing agenda. The surf spots of Orroaga, near Zumaia, and Igueldo delivered rare, huge and perfect sets to be ridden by Europe's best surfers. Deba, Roca Puta, Agiti and Playa Gris are some of the spots that are also explored in big wave surfing days.

Fernando Riazo, Inigo Idigoras, Julen Larranaga, Iñigo Idigoras, Igor Munain, Oscar Gomez, Josetxo Plazaola, Ibon Amatriain and Indar Unanue are some of the most famous and experienced names in the Spanish big wave surfing scene.