BoardCAD: shaping surfboards for dummies

Shaping surfboards is a science. The best surfboard models in the world result from multiple experimentation methodologies and fine-tuning practices.

In the last ten years, computers have been working with shapers to improve the final performance of surfboards.

Fortunately, now everyone can design a rough surfboard model and produce the plank of their dreams.

BoardCAD is the ultimate open-source CAD/CAM system for surfboards. This free software helps you with the surfboard design process by allowing the amateur shaper to define all its parameters.

Width, height, thickness, tail and rail types, channels, color, rocker, and fin box position. It's up to you.

With BoardCAD, you may produce the perfect surfboard for your experience level and for a specific type of wave and surf spot.

Surf software is capable of delivering files that can be printed by your local shaper or sent to a CNC machine to have it cut for you.

BoardCAD is also a great way of learning how one or two tweaks can have a great influence on surf performance.

The surf architect program delivers 2D and 3D outputs that can be used as standard CAD formats through STEP, STL, and DXF files.

You can download BoardCAD for free at This software doesn't replace the work of water craftsmen.

Discover the best surfboard shapers of all time and learn how to shape a surfboard.

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