Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks: their baby will be born on June 2015

Baby on board. Bethany Hamilton and Adam Dirks are expecting a baby.

The shark attack survivor, 25, has announced that she's pregnant. The parents will be greeting a surfer boy in June 2015.

"It's been a pretty crazy last four months finding out that we're going to be parents and that life's kinda going to be changing. It's all really exciting," reveals Hamilton.

"We've been prowling for names, but we are going to keep it in the down low. You won't know until the baby's out. I've been surfing throughout my whole pregnancy. I've surfed Teahupoo and Pipeline.

"I plan to surf as long as I can. Once the belly's pretty big - maybe just mellow it out and spend more time swimming and enjoying the ocean and doing other activities."

Bethany Hamilton plans to introduce the boy to the world's best surfing destinations. Does she think motherhood with one arm will be difficult?

"There are things that are going to be very challenging with one arm, but I'll find my own way to take care of the baby. I'll figure it out and be creative," adds Hamilton.

Adam is stoked and ready to live fatherhood. "As we start traveling more, getting into surfing, I know I'm going to be there to support my wife and support our family and do what I can, changing diapers on the beach while Bethany is out there surfing some gnarly wave!"

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