Bethany Hamilton: getting barreled at Surf Ranch

Bethany Hamilton, alongside husband Adam and son Tobias, went surfing at Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch in Lemoore, Northern California.

The 27-year-old surfer from Kauai knows how hard it can be to surf with only one arm, but it never stopped Hamilton from chasing her dreams. And an artificial surf pool session can now be ticked off the list.

"It's like a dream because I've been wanting to work on my backside barrel riding, and today I got more backside barrels in one session than I have ever," reveals Bethany Hamilton.

"My mind's been spinning with how so many surfers are going to be inspired to push their surfing by surfing this wave. To know that a group of surfers put this together? It's pretty rad."

The mastermind behind the Surf Ranch was impressed with Bethany Hamilton front and backhand tube riding skills.

"Bethany's backside tube riding is an athletic feat that not any other person on earth has. She doesn't have the ability to grab the rail. It just blew me away. I think it's incredible," underlines Kelly Slater.

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