Bethany Hamilton in "Body & Soul"

April 11, 2014 | Surfing
Bethany Hamilton: with body and soul

The surf book "Body & Soul" unveils Bethany Hamilton's core experiences with body, mind and spirit.

Bethany Hamilton is a role model for multiple generations of surfers and citizens. She has become a source of inspiration to millions through her story of determination, faith and hope.

In "Body & Soul", the young Hawaiian reveals her expertise as an athlete to help young girls develop a healthy lifestyle, understand their changing bodies, gain confidence, and establish a pattern of healthy living starting at a young age.

The publication includes workouts specially designed by Bethany's personal trainer, recipes and information on healthy eating based on 'Bethany's food pyramid,' which follows the Mediterranean diet, and advice on deepening your spiritual health, for a total body wellness book perfect for growing girls.

This isn't a book about Bethany, this is a book about wellness, becoming your best 'you,' through physical and spiritual balance, because spiritual health is just as important as physical health.

Get "Body & Soul". Discover the Bethany Hamilton life in books, and her most famous inspirational quotes.