Bioluminescent waves: great to surf at night

Nature is overwhelming. On September 28th, the famous red tide invaded the shores of San Diego, California, and created electric blue glow waves.

In Encinitas, Carlsbad, the bioluminescent surf break was perfectly spotted in the dark of the night, and everyone was stunned.

The blue waves of Moonlight Beach are caused by blooming phytoplankton, commonly known as red tide.

When the phytoplankton is agitated, it causes a chemical reaction that results in a blue glow.

During the day, surfers rode red waves, and by night it was possible to watch another beautiful natural phenomenon.

The observed color is the consequence of the movement of the algae when the wave breaks into white foam.

At that moment, the brilliant flash of light becomes visible.

It is believed that the algae is slightly toxic and makes swimming rather uncomfortable, but it is considered safe to surf in these extraordinary conditions.

Check out the incredible video.

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