Black surfers: proudly wearing the new and exclusive firing wetsuits

Is surfing a sport of the white Western world? What was the last non-Christian surfer you've met? Have you seen a Muslim, Buddhist, or Hindu surfer lately?

Surfing has always been one of the true sports of the world, as a global community of many nationalities, races, religions, skin colors, and genders.

Surfers travel the world and are usually keen to discover the cultures, societies, and landscapes of the four corners of the planet.

However, not all ethnic groups have the same opportunities in surfing.

That is why director and filmmaker Ted Woods decided to embrace the challenge of unveiling the complex of race in America through the eyes of the ocean.

"White Wash" is a controversial documentary that explores the growth of a "black consciousness" in the surfing world arena, as black surfers struggle to triumph in a white Anglo-Saxon circus.

Ben Harper, musician and Grammy Award winner, lends his voice to "White Wash," a clearly underrated surf movie.

From the legacy of slavery to the Jim Crow segregation laws, all is carefully and interestingly analyzed. In fact, surfing stars have been too much a story of white and blonde prodigies.

Rick Blocker (black surf historian), Sal Masekela (surfer and TV host), Rob Machado (pro surfer), Kelly Slater (pro surfer), and Tariq Trotter (hip-hop artist) share their knowledge with "White Wash," a highly recommended documentary with useful lessons for the blue-eyed surf stars of the world.

A must-see 78-minute surf film to end racism in sports. Watch the trailer for "White Wash".

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