Boavista FC: the 8'2 Mini Mal that celebrates a historic European football club | Photo: SurferToday

A Portuguese football fan created a surfboard that celebrates his love for his football team.

Luís Madureira Pinto, the founder of SurferToday, teamed up with Surf Factory to build a small longboard featuring the club's badge and distinctive chessboard pattern.

Boavista Futebol Clube (BFC) was founded in 1903 by British entrepreneurs and Portuguese textile workers in Porto, Portugal. It is one of the oldest football clubs in the Iberian Peninsula.

"I met one of Surf Factory's founders while surfing in Porto. We started talking about the state of the surf industry, and I told him I wanted to build a 'different' board," explains Madureira Pinto.

"Francisco loved the idea, and he urged me to send him a sketch of what I had in mind. A few weeks later, we were already turning it into a reality. It was a long process - around six weeks - but it was worth it."

The Mini Mal 8'2'' board celebrates the 115th anniversary of Boavista Futebol Clube.

The "Black Panthers" have already won one national premier league (2001), five Portuguese Cups (1975, 1976, 1979, 1992, and 1997), and three Portuguese Super Cups (1979, 1992, and 1997).

Boavista FC surfboard: the shaping process took one hour | Photo: SurferToday

Boavista FC surfboard: a Mini Mal for a football fan | Photo: SurferToday

Shaped in a State-of-the-Art Facility

"To be honest, we support a rival from the same city. [Laughs] But it was an honor to participate and get involved in the project from the very beginning. Boavista FC is an iconic club," explains Francisco Rocha, one of the co-founders of Surf Factory.

Surf Factory is one of Europe's most advanced, updated, and experienced surfboard manufacturers.

The company is equipped with an up-to-date CNC machine for pre-shaping and independent shaping, glassing, sanding, and painting rooms.

"We have a lot of respect for Boavista FC and put a lot of effort into the details. We also love football, and it was an interesting challenge for us. We had never had an order like that, so we also learned new things."

The professionals at Surf Factory spent nearly 20 hours producing this unique football-inspired surfboard.

"The result is breathtaking. The golden glitter really shines under the sun, and the checkered bottom looks spectacular," continues Luís.

"I would also love to dedicate this beautiful piece of art to the late Edu, the 20-year-old striker who lost his life after a long battle with cancer. We will share a few waves together, that's for sure."

Interestingly, the club's stadium is located just 2.7 miles away from popular surfing beaches.

Boavista FC surfboard: applying tape to isolate the black and white squares | Photo: SurferToday

Boavista FC surfboard: painting both sides took three hours | Photo: SurferToday

Making Waves in Multiple Sports

"Boavista FC still doesn't have a surfing section, but who knows what the future holds? I am sure there are a lot of supporters who surf well. We have great conditions for surfing nearby," notes the proud owner of the uncharacteristic surfboard.

The truth is that today, Boavista FC is more than just a football club.

It is an eclectic organization aggregating several sports, including football, gymnastics, handball, athletics, billiards, fencing, roller hockey, martial arts, snowboarding, cycling, futsal, volleyball, boxing, shooting sports, and eSports.

"Boavista FC supporters are known for their intensity during matches. The players know they represent a historic club and must leave their skin and sweat on the pitch," adds the SurferToday founder.

"I hope that this surfboard wakes up supporters who don't go to the stadium so often. We need to put Boavista FC where it belongs."

"And that is competing in the Champions League and Europa League at the highest level as we did in the past."

In 2008, Boavista FC was wrongly and illegally relegated to the second division, a decision that would almost result in a catastrophic end to one of the most successful Portuguese football clubs of all time.

Six years later, in 2014, after a long battle in the courts, the club was reinstated to the Premier League.

Despite having the lowest budget of all professional teams, Boavista FC managed to stay afloat and continued its rise from the ashes.

The Porto-based club celebrates its 115th anniversary on August 1, 2018, and has officially supported and endorsed the new magical surfboard.

Boavista FC surfboard: the glassing and lamination process took five hours | Photo: SurferToday

Boavista FC surfboard: the club's logo was a tricky part | Photo: SurferToday

A Translucent Waxless Grip System

When the Boavista FC surfboard project was finished, it was time to wax it up and get it to the water. But was there an alternative to surf wax? Paraffin would block the club's badge visibility.

"So, we contacted Carles Carrera from RSPro. He created HexaTraction, a modular, thin, and translucent surfboard grip system that leaves no residues and efficiently replaces wax," reveals Luís MP.

"He immediately jumped onboard and sent two packs of hexagons. They are extremely easy to install and last for years on the board. Now, I am finally ready to send it to the waves."

The Boavista FC surfboard is a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork, but it will not stand in a museum. Now, it's time for this beauty to shine in the water.

Watch the making-of video below featuring the breathtaking song "Chasing the Sun" by Urbanature.

Boavista FC surfboard: a unique, one-of-a-kind artwork | Photo: SurferToday

Boavista FC surfboard: polishing this beauty took five hours | Photo: SurferToday

The Boavista Futebol Club Surfboard | Facts & Figures

Board Details

  • Client: Luís MP/SurferToday
  • Shaper: Surf Factory
  • Partners: Boavista FC, HexaTraction, and Zalox
  • Board Dimensions: 8'2''
  • Core: Polyurethane (PU)
  • Width: 22''
  • Thickness: 2 3/4''
  • Volume: 55.10 liters
  • Tail: Round Pin
  • Fin: 8'0'' Single Fin

Boavista FC surfboard: the checkered bottom looks stunning | Photo: SurferToday

Construction Time

  • Surfboard Design: 2 hours
  • Pre-Shape: 1 hour
  • Shape: 1 hour
  • Painting: 3 hours
  • Leash Plug: 30 minutes
  • Glassing/Laminating: 5 hours
  • Sanding: 2 hours
  • Polishing: 5 hours

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