Bureh Beach Surf Club: Sierra Leone wakes up for surfing

Sierra Leone has announced the opening of the Bureh Beach Surf Club at Bureh Town, one of the best surf spots in the African country.

Surf philanthropist Shane O'Connor and the Western Area Peninsular Forest Reserve have teamed up to found the Bureh Beach Surf Club and boost surfing in Sierra Leone.

Apparently, it will interest everybody here to know that surfing started in Bureh about 15 years back.

"Surfing was introduced then by some French guys called Vensor, Album, and Freddo", says Gbril Bendu, head of the village.

"Upon their visit before the 10-year war in Sierra Leone, one of our brothers in Bureh also became a professional surfer."

"This sport collapsed during the war, and our heroes in this discipline stopped due to lack of motivation and found something else to do."

Surfboards are being sent from all over the world to the young surfers of Sierra Leone. The Bureh Beach Surf Club has been built with local wood.

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