SurfStream: a standing wave by AWM | Photo: AWM

The first resort in Southeast Asia to include a deep-water standing wave machine will be built in China.

American Wave Machines (AWM) will install their SurfStream artificial wave model at the Hainan Qizibay Grand New Century Resort, scheduled to open in Hainan in September 2015.

The Surfstream offers up to seven different wave types for all surfing skill levels. In this surf pool, surfers can use real surfboards with fins on a deep cushion of water that creates an endless wave.

The wave size, shape and type is fully adjustable, and it can be installed indoor or outdoor. Bodyboarders and bodysurfers can also use Surfstream.

"Surfing and high-quality wave machines appeal to a broad demographic spectrum," explains Robert Reynolds, COO at American Wave Machines.

"The crowds that have been drawn to ride a SurfStream or watch others have been overwhelming in every setting so far."

"This will be another great location, and we are excited to bring a unique and desired experience to a unique and desired resort."

The surfing capital of China will be the first national resort to include a SurfStream. The surf pool company has five models that deliver 2.5-to 6-foot waves.

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