Chris Beresford takes the 2012 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles

February 1, 2012 | Surfing
Chris Bereford: on your knees, dude

Chris Beresford has conquered the 2012 Kneeboard Surfing USA Titles, held in beautiful conditions at Huntington Beach Pier, Surf City USA.

Although kneeboarding is not the most popular wave sport, the younger brother of surfing has proved to be a thrilling challenge, in the head-high waves of the iconic Californian arena.

Chris Beresford and Tom Backer, the second placed kneeboarder, have been recovering from broken necks but they weren't afraid of fighting for the best spots in the final ranking.

In the two days of kneeboarding sessions, up to 80 riders competed for glory. Impressive number, indeed. Beresford, a San Diego kneeboarder, secured the gold position by keeping closer to the wave and pulling more barrels and tricks than anyone else.

"If anyone represents the whole spirit of the event, it's a guy like Tom," Beresford said. "He's doing something he loves for 40 years, and there he is after a horrific injury, doing it still because he loves it so much. And that will keep him happy and healthy, just being able to kneeboard and hang out with his friends."

Kneeboarders share a very special camaraderie. Unlike other ultra-competitive wave sports, kneeboarding will be living and running national and international events, as long as the spirit keeps this path.


1. Chris Beresford
2. Tom Backer
3. Ed Quinn
4. Pat Evans


1. Mike Fernandez
2. Randy Reed
3. Brad Colwell
4. Alberto Colucci


1. Paul Devoy
2. Giovanni Benitez
3. Don Harris
4. Scott Kinyoun


1. Evan Odom
2. Shayne Dimick
3. Chris Linn


1. Cathy Yturralde
2. Cynthia Wornham
3. Jan Fadden


1. International
2. Kneelo Cove
3. NorCal
4. Blacks
5. OC
6. Juniors
7. Mojado

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