Chris Bryan captures the essence of surfing

June 3, 2011 | Surfing
Surfing: a phantom is filming you

In surfing, like in real life, simple things can be outstanding. Chris Bryan, a former pro bodyboarder and an internationally acclaimed surf movie director, is breaking the boundaries of image, light and technology with his Phantom camera skills.

Bryan has explained our friends at Australian Surfing Life that this new expensive gear his perfect for capturing the essence of surfing. The super slow motion technique unveils all details, drama and decisive moments of wave riding.

"I started shooting photos about 10 years ago, which gave me a good understanding of focus and composition, but it was a hard way to make a living so I went from stills to film about two years after that", tells Chris Bryan to ASL.

The Phantom film master confirms that this not a cheap investment. You might have to pay up to 300 grand for the whole equipment in order to start learning and filming. The Phantom HD systems are quite new and were introduced in the market five years ago.

Bryan's filming with a 1050 frames per second equipment, but the modern upgrades can shoot at 2500fps. "If I see a wave wash up on the beach, I picture how it would look through the Phantom, and when I hire a camera I don’t sleep, I just stay up thinking about what I can shoot the next morning", he adds.

Julian Wilson was one of the first surfers to have the privilege of get his moves recorded by the Phantom director. Wilson's big airs we're just perfect to get the best of the slow (e)motion surfing movie.

"When you watch surfing on the computer screen it’s pixelated and nowhere near as good as it looks on a big plasma screen. When you watch surfing on Blu-ray you can see every little drop of water, and muscle twitch, and just so much more detail", he reveals to the Australian Surfing Life.

Right now, Chris Bryan is preparing to shoot a film for Billabong and then he'll be working on Sherlock Holmes Two, hoping the Phantom camera wizard will deliver stunning wave riding moments.