Teahupoo: where wipe outs are a national sport

The 2011 Billabong Pro Tahiti was a memorable event in the history of surfing. The greatest week of surf and surfing in the modern era was documented by the world’s best photographers, film-makers and journalists.

Among those in the line-up were fearless Australian chargers Dylan Longbottom, Laurie Towner, Dean Bowen, Koby Abberton and Dean Morrison. Visiting Hawaiian surfers included Bruce Irons, Kamelai Alexander and Kalanai Chapman.

While Frenchman Ben Sanchis and Californian Nathan Fletcher also made the last minute trip to the South Pacific.

Injuries were inevitable. Local legend Raimana Van Bastolaer was among the first to get hurt, he was slammed and dragged onto the reef, cutting his back despite wearing a wetsuit vest and life jacket.

Former world tour surfer Dean Morrison was forced to shore and received medical attention for an ankle injury.

"Teahupo’o: Ten Days That Changed Surfing" tells the story of the "Code Red" surf session that attracted big wave specialists and freesurfers to the perfect six-to-ten foot waves pumping in the infamous Tahitian surf spot.

The book is a lush, 144-page publication with elite production values and an extraordinary bonus "Code Red" DVD inserted, brought to you by Surfing Life Magazine and Billabong.

Watch the "Code Red" teaser.

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