Crowd surfing or surfing with crowd: pick one | Photo: CaliSecretSpot

Have you ever felt a strong desire to go surfing, and the only surf spot with decent waves has 50 fellow surfers trying to catch a single wave? Well, it has happened to all surfers. It's not a personal problem, so relax.

There are two main types of surfers.

Those willing to catch a wave in heavily populated surf breaks and those who prefer to ride smaller and choppy wave faces, with the peak just for themselves.

Sometimes, it isn't easy to decide. Shall we enjoy a few summer waves in ultra-crowded surf, or should we call it quits?

Even if you hate waiting for your turn or "snaking" strategies are not your style, there are a few tips to cope with ocean stress.

Surfing with the crowd is like crowd surfing. If you're lucky enough to get "that" perfect wave, you've got a slalom challenge ahead.

When you're taking off and preparing for the bottom turn, your eyes will scan the surf line for obstacles.

You've avoided five beginners learning how to surf, one bodyboarder, one kayak wave rider, and the local low tide rocks, but when you're about to hit the lip, a skillful grom drops in and blows your wave priority.

Black or White?

Enough. What should be our attitude towards the surf and the crowd? helps you interiorize behavior for ultra-crowded lineups:

  1. Do you prefer to go home or surf in the only ultra-crowded wave peak? If you've decided to leave the beach, grab a good surf movie, and go couch surfing;
  2. You've decided to test your nerves and will try to catch a couple of waves. Good idea. Remember that we only live one life;
  3. Say to yourself: "One wave is better than nothing";
  4. The 50 surfers out in the lineup are human beings and nice blokes. Get along and be open to learning something with older and younger riders;
  5. Do not be the bad boy or girl. You're not going to drop in or snake around. That is not the spirit of surfing;
  6. There's always a special wave coming for you. Nevertheless, invite others to paddle in. Share a wave. It will increase the chances they'll be doing the same for you;
  7. The best waves of your life come when you're not expecting them. Waiting is a virtue;
  8. You can meet a fellow surfer who will change your life. A new job or a new girlfriend/boyfriend is around the lip;
  9. Surfing in crowded lineups is a challenge. Dominate your nerves and build your confidence in a greedy, competitive arena;
  10. Celebrate the fact that you've enjoyed a few good wave rides and produced serotonin, the well-being and happiness monoamine neurotransmitter;

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