Dane Reynolds: eyeing the ramp above

"Dane's Excuses" is the perfect postcard of a man who couldn't feel happy in modern competitive surfing. Have you heard about Mr. Dane Reynolds?

He rarely smiles. He pretends he hates surfing. He never leaves his photo camera.

Dane Reynolds lives in his alternative world and we never know if he's happy.

"Dane's Excuses" is a collection of outstanding waves by the hero of the noughties.

You should watch when you're relaxed enough and ready for incredible moves in paradisiacal surfing sanctuaries.

The short film's motto says it all. "Feeling pulled apart by the surf industry."

No worries. Add "Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses" by Atoms for Peace as a background soundtrack, and life will make sense again.

In "Dane's Excuses," Reynolds shows his entire surf repertoire.

A full aerial spectrum, double barrels, powerful carves, and giant floaters - what would you expect from Ventura's shyest surfer?

Dane's Excuses is a re-edit of "Dear Suburbia," a surf movie by Kai Neville.

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