Danny Fuller: hi, surfer girls

Danny Fuller will be the star of the Allure Homme Sport, a perfume for men developed by the haute couture fashion house Chanel.

The men's essence will be launched in February 2012. Chanel had already entered the world of waves when they presented their own line of surfboards costing $4000 each.

Academy Award-winning film director Kathryn Bigelow will be in charge of the TV commercial that will feature the popular Hawaiian surfer, who also has a passion for photography.

It seems that the Allure Homme Sport offers specially designed fragrances for extreme sports enthusiasts.

The official site for the perfume describes it as "a casual, brisk fragrance spiked with heightened notes of freshness and sensuality. "

Peppermint, mandarin, musk, and even black pepper are the main ingredients that Danny Fuller will use to help boost sales.

The ad campaign for the new version of Allure Homme Sport will market the perfume with its associations with Hawaiian culture and surfing.

The men's fragrance by Chanel was originally created by Jacques Polge and is constantly revised every season.

Let's see how Kathryn Bigelow and Danny Fuller will enchant the world surfing community. Watch the commercial.

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