DocksLocks: a locking device for surfboards | Photo: DocksLocks

DocksLocks is a patented locking device designed to secure your surfboard, stand-up paddleboard, kiteboard, wakeboard, or kayak.

How often have you left your board unattended on the car's roof? How often do you need to leave your surfboard unguarded just to grab a coffee or check the surf conditions?

Thieves are everywhere, and surfboards are usually an easy target. All they need is scissors and less than ten seconds to steal your gear.

DocksLocks is an easy way to protect your all-around surfboard from being stolen in the beach's car park.

There are two ways of attaching it to your board.

The simplest way is to attach it to your leash plug. You just have to clamp the stainless steel jaws around the leash plug bar.

Then, run the provided coated cable through the ring and insert the end in the four-number combination lock.

Alternatively, for boards that do not have a leash plug, you can install the fin track cleat and attach the jaw as you do with the standard connection.

Both methods are secure and can be used in various situations: park bench, roof rack, lamp post, or bike rack.

And because the jaws swivel, the system will not damage the board when locked.

DocksLocks has multiple accessories for different boards, including long cables, key locks, universal cleats, etc.

The complete surfboard kit is available for $49.95.

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