Don't Do It Foundation: spread da mike, not the Nike

Nike is under heavy fire as the "Don't Do It" campaign threatens to spread through the web and into the real world of action sports goods. The group of activists wants to halt the way surf and skate consumers are being used in this wide market.

The "Don't Do It Foundation" has been created to "educate and spread awareness of the roots of the surf, skate and snowboard industry". The pioneers of the protest movement want to explain everyone that "money is power, and it is the consumers that have this power".

"We encourage you to empower those companies who were born out of passion, rather than those companies who wish to take someone else's passion down their own path", explain the "Don't Do It Foundation" activists.

The attack clearly aims Nike and its Nike 6.0 brand for action sports. In fact, this is not the first time that the North American trademark is being criticized.

In 2011, the bodyboarding community was extremely disappointed with Nike's ad "The Chosen", where surfing, BMX, skateboarding and snowboarding are presented as the future priorities of the brand in the extreme action sports field. Bodyboarding was out.

Although it is not perfectly clear what area and will be the next public steps, the "Don't Do It Foundation" has already proved that their thoughts have found supporters, out in the streets and ocean line-ups.

The "Don't Do It" campaign wants everybody to get a sticker, t-shirt, banner or any other kind of anti-capitalist propaganda showed in public places. Is the surf and skate industry going to change?

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