Dry Wave: an artificial wave for skateboarders, snowboarders, and BMXers | Photo: Dry Wave

Lincoln Neves Junior is a passionate Brazilian inventor-entrepreneur that created what he called "the surf outside the water."

Dry Wave is an innovative equipment that makes ocean-like waves on dry floors.

The concept was originally designed to make wave propagation on floors such as plastic, grass, sand, snow, silicone, and particles like ball pools.

It is ideal for action sports, and Neves Junior believes it has the potential to create many different fun waves for skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, rollerskating, as well as develop new sports like surfing on sand waves.

Dry Wave: a wave propagation system for plastic, grass, sand, snow, silicone, and particle floors like ball pools | Photo: Dry Wave

Dry Wave wants to make a connection between surfing and other boardsports. The concept hopes that all boardsports have their waves to surf.

The revolutionary equipment is also able to generate waves in liquid surfaces like swimming pools, lakes, and tanks. Dry Wave is a simple, light, and relatively cheap system that can be installed in different situations.

It can be installed in oval and multiform circuits, or sharing the same circuits with street skateboarding, vertical or pump track parks.

Lincoln Neves Junior has already created a testing platform where skateboarders are able to catch the dry artificial wave and gain extra speed.

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